About Us

Keynomics LLC is an Industry leading provider of training for Keyboard Optimization for Contact Centers, Claims Processing Centers and Enterprise Back Office Operations. The program has proven, and is guaranteed to dramatically increase performance by improving keyboarding and ergonomic techniques. The resultant enhanced ability to multitask - to Talk, Type, Listen™, leads to superior overall quality, cost savings, and increased productivity. Keynomics was founded in 1973, and is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

The Keynomics Performance System™ automatically customizes training for keyboard typing and keystroke accuracy, based on a skills assessment, transforming participants into transparent keyboard users. The program is a closed-loop training program that includes Consultation, Training Automation, and Reinforcement. The improved ability to multitask as a result yields heightened active listening, deeper engagement within a conversation, and more accurate information exchange – an overall superior dialogue with a customer. Immediate costs savings are seen through improved typing accuracy. Improvements in typing speed correlate to reductions in the average handle time (AHT). And overall productivity increases by a decrease in the use of note pads and improvements in first call resolution. Creating keyboard transparence is a catalyst for uncovering other productivity gaps within the organization.


Keynomics, LLC
4984 El Camino Real Suite 230
Los Altos, CA 94022
T. 800-321-4574
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